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                  This is one of the largest science department in the college established in 2016-17. The Department of Chemistry has well equipped undergraduate laboratory. The basic facilities are supported by Laboratory. This laboratory is well equipped with instruments like spectrophotometer, conductometer, colorimeters, pH meters, Potentiometers, oven etc. Fire safety and first aid facilities are also made available in the laboratory. The department is continuously engaged in regular teaching activities, along with ICT supported tools.


    • The department also trying to organize National conference, Poster competitions, Science exhibitions in upcoming time to inculcate research and competitive culture amongst the faculty and students.
    • To develop skilled manpower with a strong background in various areas of Chemistry through continuous assessment of the students.
    • To evaluate learner continuously.
    • To develop practical skills amongst the students.
    • To motivate research attitude and activity.
    • To attract the interest of tribal students toward the Chemistry and utilize knowledge of Chemistry for upliftment of the tribal society.
    • To aware the students about the environment.
    • To create scientific awareness among the students.


    • To provide affordable quality education, while equipping students with knowledge and skills in their chosen stream, inculcate values, identify hidden talents, provide opportunities for students to realize their full potential and thus shape them into future leaders, entrepreneurs and above all good human beings.


    • To start post graduate department in Organic chemistry.
    • To start the collaborative research with industries.
    • To start the interdisciplinary Courses.

SWOC analysis of the department of Chemistry


    • College library with sufficient books and references.


    • No exchange Programme yet, but department is trying for the same.
    • No incubation of strong research due to no collaborations with reputed industries.


    • Advancement in Scientific Research.
    • Collaboration with Academia and Industries of international repute
    • To develop social awareness in students in perspective of chemical science.
    • To prepare students for IIT, IISER, NCL and other reputed institutes.
    • To commence more skill development programme in the subject.


    • To increase high scientific temper among students.
    • To link up the teaching learning process with the need of industries.
    • To cultivate and initiate students to perceive higher education at international repute.
    • Faculties are looking forward to collaborating with academia and industries.
    • To increase campus placement for the students for various academic and industrial organization.