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Department of History

          Department of History has been established in 1990-91. After the successful establishment later, the department offer TYBA course that benefits to students, they will graduate in History in the same college. Department has one full-time sanctioned post.


The History department has been tuned with the following objectives:
    • The main objective of department establishment is to convey quality education in history to rural students.
    • To inculcate ethical, spiritual democratic value and scientific view among the students.
    • To create patriotic and international harmony.
    • To promote the humanistic spirit without thinking of gender discrimination, religious belief and language.
    • To ensure respect in the mind of student in association with national integrity and unity.


    • To protect, conserve and deliver historical knowledge among
      the students.
    • To provide an outstanding skill of history that Creating intelligent and
      aware citizens through history.


    • To provide and make awareness about Indian history and culture.