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“ज्ञानारोग्य करुणा हिताय”


“Mankind Will Be cultured Only By Education”


    • Identify hidden talents with knowledge and skills.
    • Provide opportunity to shape them in future.
    • Improve awareness in women education and provide value based education that will mould them into good and responsible citizen playing a meaningful role in the Society.
    • To tap the student’s potential both hidden and obvious and offer a platform to showcase their talents.


Equip students with knowledge and skills in their chosen streams, inculcate values, identify hidden talents, provide opportunities for students to realize their full potential and shape them and empower them through education into good citizens.


The college has been working with objectives such as
    • To provide facilities for Higher Education to students from rural region, who are from Economically, Socially weaker section of society.
    • To spread Higher Education among the women in Mhasala, Shriwardhan Taluka and surrounding areas.
    • To create social awareness and national integrity among the students though Higher Education and also to create a feeling that “Humanity” is the real religion.
    • To develop overall personality of students through various activities with special emphasis on self character.
    • To inculcate discipline among the students through regularity, honesty and punctuality and to make them the most responsible and respectable citizens.
    • To create and develop the scientific and rational attitude among students.
    • To create attitude of positive approach among the students about the present age of competition.