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           In the present-day competitive world, especially in the light of Economic Liberalization, which led to open / free market policy for the Corporate Sector, there is demand of specialized and professional personnel in the decision-making process. Keeping in view the prevailing scenario of the corporate world and in tune with the future strategic parameters.


The Economics department has been tuned with the following objectives:
    • To enhance the student experience: in terms of teaching quality, support available and the enhancement of the quality and timeliness of the Department’s assessment and feedback processes and procedures.
    • To enhance the Department’s communication and performance monitoring processes and procedures.
    • To provide opportunities to the students of different disciplines to join the Programme to be well acquainted with the managerial capabilities in their careers.
    • To develop special competency among the management students to meet and handle the changing scenario in the fields of Industry and Trade as well as ever increasing Service Sectors.
    • To provide an excellent managerial competence among the students for meeting the present and future challenges of business organization in the free economic system of the world.
    • To make students well equipped with the broad spectrum of knowledge of Management of Finance, Marketing and Human Resource so that they may be more professional and specialised in their respective fields.
    • To ‘Create a Think Tank’ of excellent managerial inputs for present and future Research & Development in the areas of Economics.
    • To deliver excellent, stimulating, research-led teaching across a broad range of Undergraduate programmes, giving our students the ability to become independent learners and critical thinkers.
    • To enhance the student experience, addressing academic, social and employability needs; maintaining the current stable size of the Department in terms of student numbers, to enable the Department to focus on enhancing the student experience and research outcomes.


    • To continuously strive to provide quality Education in tune with orientation towards highest academic excellence.
      To provide holistic learning opportunity to the students.
    • Imparting theoretical and applied knowledge of economics, conducting research on socio-economic problems at regional and national level for inclusive development.


    • To help the students strive for excellence in the relevant field.
    • To prepare students for acquiring applied knowledge of economics to enhance their employability and entrepreneurship.
    • To undertake quality socio-economic research for regional development.


Economics Department Activity