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The Department of Urdu was established in 1992. The Department’s main objective is to spread awareness about literary and cultural importance and relevance of the Urdu culture, language and literature in Maharashtra and around the world. It aims to promote the Urdu language as the language of knowledge, and Urdu literature as the literature of values especially human values that can withstand the buffeting forces of time. The Department offers B.A. in Urdu, The thrust areas of the Department are: The Study of Modern Culture, Language & Literature, Culture and Literature, Linguistics, Translation and new approaches in the field of literary criticism.


    • The mission of department of Urdu is to instill in the students a spirit of critical inquiry, capability to look beyond their parochial surroundings and analytical vision to place and define themselves in the wider social, cultural, political and ideological environment.
    • To impact relevant, quality higher education to the students to inculcate the values of Indian culture and to teach the students the values of self-reliance and service.
    • To spread awareness about the synergistic and synergetic genius and importance of Urdu culture. Language and literature.
    • To develop the literary taste and sense and significance of language and culture.
    • To create the love and respect for values especially human values.
    • To ignite the sense of elegance, dignity, magnanimity and delicacy.
    • To ignite the passion for learning, teaching and employability based on human utility.
    • To protect and promote the creativity and originality.
    • To promote communicative skills among the students to become successful in the market and society.
    • To promote study of modern culture, language and literature laced with overall classical background, and Modern theories of criticism.
    • To promote the scholastic and research aptitude.

Our students after completing their will have the opportunity to get employment in teaching profession, in the field of Journalism and Electronic media.


    • The vision of the department of Urdu is to impact knowledge of Urdu, is literature and culture.
    • Preservation and promotion of human and aesthetic values amidst consumerism and materialism through urdu culture, language and literature.
    • Our vision is to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Urdu language.
    • Literature and forms like calligraphy, painting and Ghazal signing and promote Urdu language and literature through teaching and research.


Urdu Department Activity